Sunil Muley

“It's about relationships, not just numbers. I make it my job to know the people behind the business.”

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Sunil Muley

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As a 20-year resident, I know the local market. I’ve been a commercial lender for 8 years, actively listening to my clients and fostering long-term relationships built on trust. I treat all members with the same respect, whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 500 company. At LMCU, we don’t focus on how many new business calls we’ve made or what our sales numbers are. We prioritize quality relationships over quantity. I take the time to learn about your unique financial needs so that I can offer the right combination of products and services.

I was born in England, but eventually moved to the U.S. — graduating from East Tennessee State University with a degree in Finance and my MBA. I spent my first five years as a Financial Analyst in the software industry before moving into banking as a Portfolio Manager. I eventually migrated over to the sales side, and I've worked for several top regional banks over the past 9 years. With over 15 years in the banking industry, and 20-plus years total in finance, there's almost nothing I haven’t seen or done.